Practicum Solutions’ software helps universities, colleges and trade schools manage their internship programs without the frustration often associated with time-consuming manual procedures.

With our software, you can…

  • Quickly view students’ demographics including photo identification.
  • Access practicum site and preceptor information with ease.
  • Compare student graduation requirements with site availability while scheduling.
  • Assign a student to a site in three simple clicks. Practicum Solutions automatically creates a rotation assignment letter for each student, faculty member and site. Letters can be sent via paper or e-mail.
  • Easily access history of student placements at practicum sites.
  • Maintain student and site-related notes for accurate and complete documentation.
  • Create reminders using the “To-Do” list feature.
  • Generate reports for students, practicum sites and “To-Do” lists.
  • Import or export data with CSV or ASCII file format.

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